There is increasing interest for geothermal energy in many European countries. Many large EU funded or multinational projects were presented. These interdisciplinary collaboration provides a lot of new insights how to utilizer deep and shallow geothermal energy  CGER was represented by UIT, IRIS , Sintef  and CMR. Two posters were presented by CGER partners (will be available in ProjectPlace for partners).

  1. Thomas Beka, Yngve Birkelund, Smirnov: Correlating Magnetotelluric Sounding With Borehole Data for Geothermal Parameter Characterization in Sulitjelma Area, Norway
  2. Midttømme, K., Müller, J., Skarphagen, H., Berre, I., Ramstad, R.K. and Sørheim, H.R.: Geothermal Energy Use, Country Update for Norway

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