Norwegian Center for Geothermal Energy Research

GeoEnergy 2023

We are pleased to announce the upcoming GeoEnergy conference held in Bergen the 5.-6. June 2023. We look forward seeing you there! Have a look at the conference program here.

About CGER

Norwegian Center for Geothermal Energy Research (CGER) was established in 2009. The Center, which has partners from all over Norway, is based in Bergen with NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS (NORCE) as the Host Institution. CGER gathers key research and industrial partners, and builds a platform which strengthens national cooperation in research and technology development within geothermal energy research and development.

Power vs Heating and Cooling

Geothermal heat may be used for both power production and heating or cooling. Nationally, heating and cooling in an energy system perspective is most applicable due to low geothermal gradient. Norway is also in a position to contribute to global efforts in power production through technology transfer from petroleum exploration and production.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal resources have great potential as nearly emission-free energy source. Per definition, geothermal energy is the energy stored in form of heat below the earth's surface. The amount of energy stored in the earth equals 15 million annual consumptions. 


Joining CGER

CGER currently consists of 13 partners from research, academia and the industry. We are always looking to engage more partners in our quest for increasing the impact of geothermal energy research. Please get in touch if you should have any questions. 

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