About CGER

This page describe the industry partners that are represented in CGER.

Norwegian Center for Geothermal Energy Research (CGER) was established in 2009. The Center, which has partners from all over Norway, is hosted by Norwegian Research Centre AS (NORCE). CGER gathers key research and industrial partners in a network that strengthens national cooperation in research, technology development, and technological roll-out within geothermal energy. The partners are invited to present their ideas and projects to a large network of interested people.

Our mission is to allow interested parties to come together, share ideas to roll out these technologies needed in our time. 

The Center covers through its Partners a range of areas within fields such as resource mapping and geological surveys, drilling technology, environmental impacts, reservoir engineering, process technology, energy conversion and system modeling.

Geothermal energy as a source for effective heating and cooling thus freeing electricity for other purposes in the de-carbonization of our society. Further, power generation from deeper sources are also covered by the center's areas of interest.

Email:  post@cger.no

Center Management: Anders Nermoen,  aner@norceresearch.no

Steering Committee Leader: Fionn Iversen,  fiiv@norceresearch.no

Postal address: CGER, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, Postboks 22 Nygårdstangen, 5838 Bergen, Norway

Our partners are:

NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

Host institution

NORCE is a new and forward-looking research institute, with expertise in a wide range of fields and strong communities of knowledge. We deliver research and innovation in energy, technology, climate, environment, health care and society. Our solutions address key challenges for society and contribute to value creation on the local, national and global levels. NORCE is one of Norway's largest independent research institutes, and has 700 employees, 1 500 projects, an annual turnover of NOK 890 million, and some 500 scientific publications per year. NORCE's main office is in Bergen, and the group has a strong presence in Haugesund, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Grimstad and Oslo.

Related to geothermal energy we have strong competence within Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES), instrumentation and monitoring, energy conversion, process technology, automated drilling, flow in porous media, mechanical engineering, technical safety, advanced visualization of subsurface measurements, modeling and development of decision support systems among others.


Equinor is an international energy company with the ambition to become a net-zero emission company by 2050. Renewable energy will be a significant growth area and Equinor plans to expand its acquisition of wind acreage, with the aim of accelerating profitable growth and will continue to leverage its leading position in offshore wind. Geothermal energy is one of several areas where Equinor has explored opportunities for building a renewable technology position built on core oil and gas expertise.


GCE NODE is a world-leading technology cluster serving the global energy and maritime industries. Comprised of 90 companies in Southern Norway, GCE NODE works to ensure that its participants retain their world-leading position and to explore how existing technology can be utilized in other markets.

GCE NODE has a strong focus on research, development and innovation and is involved in a series of projects aimed at reducing cost, improving performance and developing the new generation smarter equipment.

Geothermal Energy Nordic AS  (GTML)

Geothermal Energy Nordic AS is a renewable energy company. Our main business is to build, own and operate energy plants that provide renewable heat from deep energy wells to clients at competitive prices and with minimal use of land on the surface. The GTML team has extensive experience within geothermal energy, the oil and gas industry and the finance sector and has been involved in the first two deep-well energy systems in operation in the Nordics.


Greenstat AS develops and operates projects related to sustainable energy and technology, hereunder projects supporting the transition from fossil to renewable energy production and consumption, in addition to participating and investing in companies contributing fully or partly to this end.


Huisman, founded in 1929, is a worldwide operating company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment.

Our product range can be subdivided into six main categories: Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Winches, Vessel Designs and Special Projects. Products vary from stand-alone components to highly engineered integrated systems; from concept to installation and life time support.

Innovative Solutions
We are constantly working on new solutions and systems which we believe add value to the market's existing technologies. These innovations are implemented into many of our products. As we have extensive operational experience with a wide variety of heavy construction equipment, we are able to use the best solutions for new products and projects. Our internal disciplines include Mechanical, Structural, Naval, Hydraulic, Electrical and Software Engineering.

Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)

IFE is an international research institute for energy and nuclear technology. IFE's mandate is to undertake research and development, on an ideal basis and for the benefit of society, within the energy and petroleum sector, and to carry out assignments in the field of nuclear technology for the nation. The Institute strives for a more climate friendly energy system based on renewable and CO2-free energy sources. IFE possesses first class expertise on corrosion, scaling and tracer technology through its numerous international contracts with petroleum industry which we wish to transfer to the geothermal sector. IFE has taken part as the only Nordic country in the Soultz and ENGINE projects financed by the EU providing expertise on corrosion and scaling. IFE represents Norway at the EXECO of IEA-GIA (Geothermal Implementation Agreement)


NORSAR is a geo-scientific research institution where geothermal energy is a natural and wanted current and future activity. From 2001 NORSAR has developed own competence on microseismic monitoring. This competence will be developed and expanded on for application to planning, development and operation of geothermal systems. NORSAR is one of several contributors to a new master program in energy and environment planned at Akershus University College.


THREE60 Energy Norway AS

THREE60 Energy Norway AS was founded in 2011 as Subsurface AS, and in 2015 the name was changed to Ridge. In 2018 Ridge became a part of THREE60 Energy whose headquarter is in UK and is active globally.

THREE60 Energy Norway AS has more than 10 years of experience in accessing and managing reservoirs in the NCS by specializing on the wellbeing of the highways to these reservoirs - the wellbores. Throughout the process of planning, drilling, completion, and operation of a well THREE60 Energy Norway AS provides expertise from an interdisciplinary team of experts. Specialization on drilling in HPHT conditions is something that is especially relevant for establishing a sound reservoir connection to deep geothermal reservoirs.

University of Bergen

Geothermal energy is a strategic area of research for the University of Bergen, which is built on strong expertise in geoscience, physics, and applied and computational mathematics. The University of Bergen participates in geothermal energy research projects, and several PhD and master's students are involved.

University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger, Norway, has 10.888 students and some 1372 faculty, administration and service staff.

The University of Stavanger is situated in the most attractive region in the country, with some 300 000 inhabitants. Stavanger is the oil and energy capital in Norway with a dynamic job market and exciting culture- and leisure activities. The interplay between the university and society and business is rich and diverse.


WELL ID was founded in 2015. The company was established to fill gaps in the well logging market by developing logging equipment utilizing modern electronics and sensors.
WELL ID has specialist competency in well logging, electronics, mechanical design, and business development.
Our superior logging equipment makes drilling cheaper, safer and increases each wells production. The equipment can be used in several types of wells, such as geothermal, oil& gas, tunnels, CO2 injectors etc.


SLB design, develop and own geothermal systems.


Focusing on drilling to deep sources Odfjell develop ways to extract heat for electricity production. Further, more effective drilling techniques can aid the roll-out of more shallow systems for heating and cooling purposes.